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  • The ‘No BS’ On AWS, And How To Move On From The FLASK…

    January 27, 2020

    Developers have to choose in-demand languages and leave the nerd-affections for tech behind. Also, learning about Amazon Web Services. For those of you that thought we were going to talk about the possible alcohol problems you’ll face as a freelancer, and having to stop carrying around a flask of ‘liquid inspiration’ with you at all …

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  • 50 Years Old And Can’t Develop?

    January 20, 2020

    Are you too old to be a developer when you hit 50? Some have suggested that at that point, your brain just can’t take it anymore. Society can be cruel. It has the ability to look at a demographic and assume (sometimes without any data) that they are unable do certain things… I’m not exactly …

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  • Showing Up On Time and Other Little Nuggets

    January 14, 2020

    Show up on time, deliver your code on time, and learn to properly estimate how much time a project will take. A revolutionary rock band from 1994 once said, “Time is wasting, time is walking…”, and while time did eventually get its revenge on them, their warning should not go unheeded. “…in any business, and …

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  • You Can Do This!!

    January 7, 2020

    Is coding REALLY hard to learn? Probably not… I think we’ve all seen a film where the heroes are trapped in some room and the walls are closing in, threatening to crush them, or the room’s defenses are activated and lasers are shooting at them while they’re pinned down in cover, or desperately trying to …

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  • Hello, My Friend. Stay Awhile and Listen…

    December 12, 2019

    What lessons do 25 years of coding impart? Harken younglings! The wisdom drawn from the ancient past. First things first; Thank you Blizzard for not suing us. This title is really a testament to the enduring warmth of the characters you have created. And wouldn’t it be lovely if a young programmer eventually found their …

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