Build a Wordpress Theme

In this 12 part Wordpress video course, learn how to build a Wordpress theme one step at a time.

Create a Wordpress theme from scratch!

In these 12 videos, we take someone with only beginners HTML and CSS skills, through the steps needed to build a WordPress template from scratch. The videos use a collection of freely downloadable tools that are available on Windows and Mac.

The goal of this set is to focus on the different files used in a functional WordPress template and how they all work together to build a unified design that is extensible and driven as much as possible from the WordPress blogging framework.

Included in this set is the construction of a dynamic top-level navigation, a widget-friendly sidebar, a customized search form and a specially-designed home page.

It is assumed that the viewer understands HTML and a bit of CSS. A basic understanding of PHP is helpful, but not required.

While its best to follow along and write the code, the project files are still included in this video - for those lazy folks out there!

Sample Video Tutorials

What's Included

  • The WordPress Loop
  • Creating Top Level Navigation
  • Adding Older and Newer Entry Pages
  • Creating a Sidebar
  • Separating Content Style for Posts and Pages
  • Making Pages and Posts
  • Creating a Widget-ized WordPress Sidebar
  • Creating a Custom Home Page
  • Adding Comments and Metadata

Get Started Today!

Even though the videos make learning web design easy, we still provide great support if ever a question should arise ... you will not be alone.

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